Judges work seven days a week : Chief Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud

Supreme Court

New Delhi – “Judges work seven days a week. Supreme Court judges hear 50 to 60 cases per day from Monday to Friday. Judgements are often reserved. So judges are busy writing their judgments on Saturdays. They prepare for Monday’s hearings even on Sundays. Judges work in the Court for 200 days a year. Even though they are on vacation, thoughts about pending Court cases, laws and regulations are running in their minds. When they get some time, even in that they are thinking about their work”, stated Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud while speaking at  the ‘India Today Conclave’ on the often raised questions regarding pending Court cases and the vacations given to the Courts.

Points mentioned by the Chief Justice

No system is perfect but we have the best system. The main objective behind the system of ‘collegium’ (a system related to the appointment and transfer of judges) is to ‘keep the judiciary independent and secure’. If we want to preserve the independence of the judiciary, it has to be insulated from outside influences.

I have been a judge for 23 years, but no one told me what and how to decide in a case. There was never any pressure from the Government.

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