Aliens are spying on earth : warns USA

Washington – USA believes in the theory of UFOs. It believes that aliens do exist and are present in the solar system. It is spending billions of dollars on research on this subject. Now, the US Defence Ministry, Pentagon, has issued a warning in which it is officially stated that aliens are sending their spies to earth.

  1. It has been stated in the warning by the Pentagon that the US space research institute, NASA, uses certain types of equipment to conduct research for obtaining information about other planets, similarly, Aliens use the Mothership. A pentagon officer has warned that the Aliens can be in our galaxy, and they are sending secret information about earth.

Pentagon’s increased concern

Pentagon’s All -domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) was set up in 2022. The main objective of this office is to track objects in the sky, space, and underwater. Alien Mothercraft also works like NASA, informed the Director Sean Kirkpatrick of  AARO.

Claim by Mothercraft

The US Defence Ministry, Pentagon, has been conducting research work for many years and one of its study groups claims the existence of such Mothercraft. The Chief of the Pentagon’s UFOs Department feels that there could be a Mothercraft in the solar system where Aliens could be staying.

UFOs can spy on earth

Mr Sean Kirkpatrick, the Director of AARO has written that an artificial interstellar object can collect various data if it comes near earth. This small thing has been named Oumuamua by scientists.

A strange video has become viral

A strange video became viral on social media a few days ago which led to the finding of a long, thin pencil size Oumuamua. It was an unusual interstellar object. Many scientists felt that it could be a UFO. They continued their research on this matter. It was claimed a few days ago about Alien travelling over Canada’s space. A video was also made on this subject.

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