India is likely to respond if Pakistan and China make a move : US Secret Service report

Washington (US) – In Asia, the relationship between India, Pakistan and China is tense and there is a possibility of a conflict between them. If Pakistan and China unitedly take any action, then India is more likely to take an aggressive stance. According to a US intelligence report India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to take military action against China and Pakistan.

China is currently the biggest threat to the US !

Avril Hance, the Director of National Intelligence, told the US Congress that China is currently the biggest threat to American national security and leadership. On a global level, the Communist Party of China has emerged as the biggest threat to America. China has recently become even more dangerous after it cooperated with Russia over the past year. Hence, China has become the US’ top priority. China wants to become a major power in East Asia and wants the whole world in its hands.

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