Ambaji Mata Temple, a Shaktipeeth in Gujarat  in controversy after its Mohanthal prasad stopped

  • Opposition by Congress
  • Locals furious
Ambaji Mata Temple

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – A controversy has erupted after the distribution of Mohanthal prasad at the Ambaji Mata Temple in the Banaskantha District of Gujarat, which is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths, has been stopped. The locals is expressing their displeasure over this decision. While Congress has demanded the resumption of the Mohanthal prasad, the BJP is internally supporting it. Now a Chikki is being distributed as the prasad in the Temple. As per the order of the District officials Mohanthal is being stopped and Chikki prasad is being given instead. (Certain customs and traditions have been going on in the Temple for years. Giving Mohanthal prasad in the Temple is one of them. Now, will the District Collectors who change the rules of temples without consulting the Temple officials dare to change the customs and traditions of mosques ? – Editor)

1. Dr Yagnesh Dave the media coordinator for the BJP in Gujarat tweeted, his personal feeling as a Brahmin is that the Mohanthal prasad should continue.

2. The Mohanthal prasad was being made by widows and destitute women. Now if the prasad is stopped then these women will lose their livelihood.

3. Hemang Rawal, Congress and Brahmo Samaj leader alleged that the price of the Mohanthal has increased in the past 2 years. Earlier it would be available for Rs 10 then slowly it increased to Rs 12, 15, 18 and finally 25.

What is Mohanthal ?

Mohanthal is a sweet made from pure desi ghee and is offered in Ambaji’s plate. A popular besan based barfi recipe from the State of Gujarat.

Editorial viewpoint

What else can happen in a Government controlled Temple ? The Mohanthal prasad is being given here for over 60 years, stopping it all of a sudden is nothing but Mughal attitude !  Establishing Hindu Rashtra is the only solution to protect the Hindu temples !