Britain is endangered by those who indoctrinate and motivate people to be involved in terrorism !

British Government Committee’s report !

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London – Britain is not only endangered by terrorist organisations, but by those who stay away from these activities by brainwashing people and motivating them to join the terrorist movement. This is the conclusion put forth in a report of a Committee commissioned by the British Government. This report has been made after 3 years of intense study of the matter.

In this report, blame has been attributed to the left ideology of the communist organisations that back and support Islamic terrorists like the Taliban. This report also recommends breaking ties with the communists.  The British Government has accepted all the 34 recommendations mentioned in the report.

Danger to the security of the Hindus in Britain because of the statements made about Kashmir !

The report expresses its worry about the attacks on the Hindu temples in Britain. There is a danger to the security of the Hindus because of the statements being made about Kashmir, and the acts of violence against them increase. The Maulanas have a hand in spreading anti-India feelings by motivating people to denigrate the Hindu Temples. Those who were involved in the Kashmir terrorism are also the people who are responsible for the terrorist activities in Britain.

The Khalistani terrorists are a danger to British nations !

The report adds that the increase in Khalistani terrorist activity in Britain is a great danger to the British nations !