Police release aide of Khalistan’s chief Amritpal Singh !

(Left side) Head of ‘Waris Punjab De’ organisation Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh

Amritsar (Punjab) – The Police from Ajanal Police station released Lovepreet aka Toofan Singh, an accomplice of the Khalistani organisation, ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief Amritpal Singh. On the 23rd of February 2023, thousands of armed pro-Khalistani Sikhs surrounded the Police station for his release. Buckling under the pressure, the Police released Lovepreet aka Toofan Singh. He was welcomed with garlands by Khalistanis when he walked out of jail. Regarding his release, the Police superintendent said that Lovepreet aka Toofan Singh was released since he submitted proof of his absence at the place of the incident when the crime was committed. The proofs have been submitted to the Court. (Even a child would not believe such excuse. – Editor)

1. Amritpal Singh’s other aide, Papalpreet Singh, said that Amritpal is not fighting a personal fight. He was fighting for the Sikh community. After Toofan’s release, all were to visit the Golden temple.

2. A special investigating squad will be set up to conduct an inquiry into the case of thrashing by Amritpal and his accomplices.

Editorial viewpoint

Punjab Police led by AAP bowing to Khalistanis ! If the Police are going to back out when hundreds of armed Khalistanis surround Police stations, it will encourage Khalistanis, and they will create terror in the State. The Central Government needs to intervene at least now to stop such development !