Thousands of armed Khalistani supporters surround Police station in Amritsar !

  • Demand for the release of the aides of  Amritpal Singh, President of Khalistani Organisation ‘Waris Punjab De’ !
  • The Khalistanis were armed with guns, swords, and sticks !
  • Helpless Police
Police station besieged for the release of Amritpal Singh’s accomplice

Amritsar (Punjab) – In Ajnala, the supporters of a pro-Khalistan organisation the ‘Waris Punjab De’ surrounded the Police Station condemning the arrest of Toofan Singh a close aide of self-proclaimed religious leader Amritpal Singh President of the Khalistani organisation. They were armed with guns, swords, and sticks. The Police had put up barricades to stop them. The Khalistani supporters toppled the barricades and entered the Police station. They were shouting slogans of ‘Khalistan Jindabad’. Amritpal Singh entered the Police station and demanded the cancellation of the registered case. He declared that till this is not done they would not leave. The supporters had brought the ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ altar with them to the Police Station. They surrounded it and began singing bhajans.

A young man was kidnapped and beaten, for criticising Amritpal Singh. A case was registered against Amritpal Singh and 30 others in this connection. It was in this connection that Toofan Singh had been arrested. This enraged Amritpal Singh. He announced that they would agitate against this at the Police Station.

Inactive Police !

Amritpal had warned of surrounding the Police Station 2 days ago. Yet the Police did not take it seriously and so thousands of Amritpal’s supporters came to the Police station. The situation there is tense and the Police are keeping a strict vigil. Amritpal spoke with Ajnala Police Commissioner Satinder Singh. He had given the Police 1 hour to release Toofan Singh.

Editorial viewpoint

This shows an increase in the Khalistani movement in Punjab. Yet the Centre and State Government are not giving any serious attention. The question arises, ‘will the Government, like in the past, awaken only after something serious takes place ?