Arms and missiles purchased by Pakistan from China are proving to be useless !

New Delhi – Pakistan purchased unmanned weapons and missiles from China. Many of their components are broken and many expensive important equipments were found to be defective. “We are shocked that the weapons purchased from China at a huge price have become useless,” said the Pakistan Army. Now Pakistan Army has demanded the repair or replacement of all weapons and missiles. Pakistan has also clarified that “If China does not accept our demand, we will have to purchase weapons from Western countries”.

1. The responsibility of maintaining these weapons given to Pakistan lies with China’s company ‘Elite’. When the company inspected these weapons, most of the weapons and missile components were found to be in broken condition.

2. A turbocharger (a device that increases engine power) in an unmanned aerial vehicle had developed cracks. Unmanned aerial vehicles are used to locate the enemy’s troops and arsenals.

3. When AR-2 surface-to-air missiles were tested, some of them were found to be useless. They were not even in a position to strike.

Editorial viewpoint

This is the history of China. Hence, what can be different regarding the weapons sold to Pakistan ? Does Pakistan even have the courage to ask China for an explanation ?