A young man kills delivery agent to avoid paying for iPhone he had ordered online !

Hassan (Karnataka) – A 20-year-old man killed a 23-year-old delivery agent for an iPhone worth Rs 46,000 in Ariskere city. Hemant Dutta, a young man who committed the murder, had ordered an iPhone worth Rs 46,000 online. Hemant Naik, working in a logistics company called ‘E-Kart’, arrived at Hemant Dutta’s house with the iPhone. That time, Dutta had no money to pay Rs 46,000 in cash for the iPhone. So, he called Naik inside the house. Dutta then stabbed Naik to death with a knife. As he did not think of disposing the dead body of Naik, it remained in the house for 3 days. Later he took the body on a two-wheeler at night near ‘Anche Koppalu’ railway station and burnt it. Later, the Police found the burnt body. The above incident came to light when the Police investigated about the dead body.

1. After the Police found the dead body near the railway station, they started to verify the CCTV footage of the surrounding area. The accused was seen taking the body on a Scooty. The Police searched and arrested the accused.

2. During the Police investigation, the accused Hemant Dutta said, he was unable to pay Rs 46,000 to the delivery agent but wanted the iPhone. Hence, he decided to kill Hemant.

Editorial viewpoint

This is the result of not teaching moral values and etiquettes to the young generation ! All party rulers, parents and society are responsible for this !

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