Remove the encroachment of the illegal Madarasa on the Samadhi of Mininath : Dhananjay Desai, Hindu Rashtra Sena


Dhananjay Desai, Chief of Hindu Rashtra Sena

Nagar (Maharashtra) –  On the Miravali Hill near the city is the Samadhi of Mininath, son of Machhindranath. However, this area has been encroached by a Madarasa, whose members are now objecting to the worship being done by the locals. Elderly people with ages ranging from 80 to 90 years recall fond memories of the Samadhi of Mininath in the encroached area. Hence, Dhananjay Desai, the chief of the Hindu Rashtra Sena ordered the purification of the Samadhi of Mininath on 12th February. He further added – ‘In the next 15 days, we will hold a comprehensive meeting regarding this temple and we will submit a memorandum to the Collector. If the Samadhi is not purified even after taking this action then we will not hesitate to take the next step ourselves. Also, where did this Miravali Baba come from ? What is his background ?  He concluded by finally challenging the opposition party to clarify his above questions. He made the above statements when speaking to reporters at the Nagar Government guesthouse.

Dhananjay Desai further said,

Mininath is mentioned in the scripture of the Navanathas. Miravali is also a holy Teerthkshetra for Hindus. There have been many examples of unnecessary disputes regarding Hindu religious places. The latest among them are the cases of Ayodhya and Kashi. The same conspiracy is now happening at the Mininath temple. Hence, the Police and the revenue department should not oppress the Hindus offering their worship at this holy place.

The Congress committed the first traitorous act by creating Pakistan and then committed the second betrayal by establishing the Waqf Board in the country. This board has put reservations in many places. In reality, this board itself is unconstitutional. It is wrong for those who believe in the Constitution to believe in the Waqf Board. This board should not be accepted and in fact, it should be removed completely. (The then Congress Government has given unconstitutional rights to Muslims through the ‘Waqf Board Act 1995’. A massive conspiracy of land grabbing is currently being hatched throughout the nation by the Waqf Board. Hence, it is imperative that the Government removes the ‘Waqf Act’ which in fact is encouraging Land Jihad ! – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

Until today, the greedy evil eyes of certain religious fanatics were only on the forts and fortresses but now they have started looking at temples as well. The sleeping Hindus should now wake up and foil the conspiracy of ‘Land Jihad’ by these fanatics !