Dalit leader arrested for saying, ‘I would have shot Dr Ambedker if he were alive’

Dr Ambedkar alleged to have hurt religious sentiments of Hindus through his book ‘Riddles in Hinduism : An exposition to enlighten the masses’

Hamara Prasad (File photo)

Hyderabad (Telanagana) – Hamara Prasad leader of the organisation called ‘Rashtriya Dalita Sena’ in Telangana has been arrested by the Police. He had published a video of his controversial comment with regard to Dr Ambedkar. Showing the book “Riddles in Hinduism: An exposition to enlighten the masses”, written by Dr Ambedkar, Hamara Prasad said in the video that Dr Ambedkar has hurt the sentiments of crores of Hindus by writing such “garbage”. “Had I been born when Ambedkar was alive, and if I had come across this book, like how Godse shot Gandhi I would have shot Ambedkar.”

While sharing this video on media, the Chief of Bahujan Samaj Party in Telangana demanded strict action against Prasad.