Sattva predominant actions and thoughts emit positive vibrations : Mr Sean Clarke

Mr Sean Clarke

Ponda (Goa) – ‘We all are affected by the positive and negative vibrations emitting from art, music, food, drinks, religious symbols and memorials. Only Sattva predominant actions and thoughts emit positive vibrations’, this was inferred from a research paper presented by Mr Sean Clarke, who is one of the researchers (and a seeker of ‘Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay’ [MAV] who is at the spiritual level of 65%). He was presenting his findings at a Conference titled ‘Competing practices of Dharma and Adharma : Success and consequences of their votaries in Veda and later’, organised by ‘Nada Veda Adhyayan Kendra’ (Bengaluru, India) and ‘WAVES – India’. Mr Clarke presented a research paper on ‘How to choose between Dharma and adharma in everyday life ?’ This article is written by Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale (Founder of MAV); Mr Sean Clarke is the co-author.

1. Mr Sean Clarke’s findings were based on the experiments conducted through scientific equipment – ‘Universal Aura Scanner’ and ‘Polycontrast Interference Photography’ and also spiritually enhanced analysis employed by the MAV.

2. Three pictures were selected for the research – one that denigrated Goddess Shri Lakshmi drawn by a famous painter, a common image of Goddess Shri Lakshmi available in the market and a picture drawn under the guidance of a Saint. When these were studied with the help of the aforementioned equipment, the picture drawn by the famous painter was found emitting negative vibrations, while the commonly available picture was found not emitting any vibrations.

3. Unlike these 2 pictures, the picture drawn under the guidance of a Saint had the highest propensity to attract the Lakshmi Principle and emitted maximum positive vibrations.

4. Similarly, research was conducted on the colour of clothes. A black and a white cloth were studied with the help of the aforementioned equipment.

5. The experiment revealed that the white cloth had a positive energy aura of 18.75 meters, and the black cloth did not have any positive energy aura around it.

6. In addition, Mr Sean Clarke also presented the research findings related to food, drinks and entertainment. He explained in detail the effects of each of these elements of our daily life and the positive vibrations emitted by them.

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Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay has so far presented research papers in 18 National and 82 International Scientific Conferences. Among these research papers, 11 presentations received the ‘Best Paper Award’ in International Scientific Conferences.

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