Participate in the Scientific Research of the Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay

Most people have more faith in the research conducted through scientific equipment rather than in the knowledge of Saints obtained through experience. Hence, since 2014, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (MAV) has been conducting scientific research on Spirituality to explain it in a modern and scientific way. Research is being conducted with the help of innovative scientific equipment and systems. The extent of this research work, its specialities, and different satsevas available in this context are given ahead.

1. Expansiveness of the Research

This includes religious acts under Hindu Dharma such as righteous behaviour, Yajnas, rituals, chanting of mantras, religious places across the country and abroad, Saints’ memorials and historical places, spiritual remedies to deal with negative energy problems, visual effects of Divine energy and negative energy, Arts such as sattvik vocal and instrumental music, dance.

2. Significance of the Research

The information obtained through research has been analysed with the help of knowledge that lies beyond the five sensory organs, mind and intellect with the help of subtle analysis. This helps emphasise the importance of Spirituality to the intellectuals in society.

3. Need of manpower to spread the Research

Since the adverse times have already started, it is necessary to conduct research on various subjects and spread the treasure of knowledge to entire mankind at the earliest. There is an urgent need for volunteers at the Spiritual Research Centre (SRC) at Ponda, Goa for associated satsevas. Those interested, can be taught the related research work as per their interests and skills, which will help them get acquainted with the spiritual world and provide them the special joy of acquiring such knowledge. The following Research activities are going on at SRC, Ponda, Goa.

4. Nature of the Research

4A. Research conducted with scientific equipment

1. With Universal Aura Scanner, Poly-contrast Interference Photography and Bio-well Gas Discharge Visualisation.

2. Preparing reports on the research conducted with scientific equipment and proof-reading the reports, which can be done even from home.

4B. Analysing the readings which are beyond the understanding of the intellect, writing related articles and conducting further research on them.

5. Satsevas related to Research

MAV research papers on Spirituality are presented at many Conferences in India and abroad. This aspect requires writing research papers and their presentation.

6. Skills required for the above satsevas

You should have interest in and inclination for scientific research, be able to type in English and Marathi on computers and have minimum knowledge of English and Marathi Grammar besides syntax. Those who are interested but do not have the required skills will be provided the necessary training.

Interested people may send the following information to Mr Ashish Sawant on [email protected] or to :
Postal address : Mr Ashish Sawant, Bhagawatikrupa Apartments, S-1, 2nd Floor, Building A, Dhavali, Ponda, Goa – 403 401.

1. Name and City / District :
2. Contact number :
3. Age (Years) and gender :
4. Education :
5. Languages known :
6. Experience in research work (if any) :
7. Which of the aforementioned satsevas would you like to perform ?
8. Would you like to devote full-time or part-time for the satseva at the Spiritual Research Centre ?
9. If you are unable to devote full-time for the satseva, how many days can you stay at the Spiritual Research Centre ?