Canadian citizens hurt & sad due to the increasing Hindu-hatred in Canada : Canadian MP Chandra Arya

Indian-origin MP from Canada raises the issue of vandalism of Hindu temples in the Canadian parliament !

(Right side) Canadian MP Chandra Arya

Ottawa (Canada) –  Chandra Arya, an Indian-origin MP, presented the issue of vandalism of the Hindu Gauri Shankar temple in Brampton, Canada, in the Canadian Parliament. Along with the vandalism, pro-Khalistani slogans were also scribbled on fence wall. The Indian embassy has also condemned the incident.

MP Chandra Arya further said that the citizens of Canada are sad because of the growing hatred towards Hindus in Canada. The Canadian Government should make efforts to stop such incidents from happening.

Editorial viewpoint

How many Hindu MPs of India raise the issue of vandalism of Hindu temples in India and abroad as well as attacks on Hindus in the Parliament and Legislative Assembly ?

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