Muslims in India have more religious freedom compared to their Islamic counterparts : Islamic intellectual Ponmala Abdul Khader Musliyar

Islamic intellectual Ponmala Abdul Khader Musliyar

Kozhikode (Kerala)  –  When you look at the different types of countries around the world, you will realise that there is no country like India. There is full freedom to practice Islam here. Muslim intellectual Ponmala Abdul Khader Musliyar has stated that it is not the same in Gulf countries. Musliyar is the secretary of the ‘All Kerala Jam-Iyyathul Ulama’ of the Marxist Communist Party. He was speaking at a Sunni Students Federation meeting in Kozhikode.

There is no other country like India to carry out Islamic activities !

Musliyar further stated that – ‘Even in eastern countries like Malaysia we do not get the religious freedom to carry out our activities. Is it possible to replicate the work that we have done here in Bharat anywhere else in the world ? There is no other country like India for carrying out Islamic activities.’

Syed Sadiq Ali Shihab Thangal, State President of the Sampoorna Kerala Jam-Iyyathul Ulama, expressed his opinion on Ponmala Musliyar’s statement by saying that – ‘Muslims of this country do not face any threats because the Constitution of this country is very strong.’

Editorial viewpoint

This is because the Indian Constitution is secular and in the last 75 years all party leaders has suppressed the Hindu majority and pandered to the Muslim minority. The condition of Indian Hindus is similar to the conditions of the Hindu minority in Islamic countries !

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