A big nuisance for the world : China’s increasing nuclear weapons

(Retd) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan

1. Pentagon, USA predicts China would have more than 1,500 nuclear weapons in the next 13 years

Pentagon, the defence organisation of the USA, has recently prepared a report which states that China would have more than 1,500 nuclear weapons by the year 2035 – this would be the largest in the world, and it could be a threat not only to India but also to the world.

Till some years ago, there used to be competition between the USA and Russia to make nuclear weapons. Later, a treaty was signed to keep check on the number of such weapons and that they do not increase. China, however, did not sign the treaty. Neither the world nor the United Nations has control over China. Therefore, China can make as many weapons as it wants.

China has even helped countries such as Pakistan and North Korea make nuclear weapons. We know how dangerous Pakistan is for India. If we observe the events of the last six months, we know that North Korea has been experimenting with its nuclear weapons in the South China Sea; so also, in Japan.

Missiles are fired over Japan, and they are falling into the the Sea of Japan. If they fall on Japan by mistake, they can create serious problems. Similarly, China also keeps bullying Taiwan.

2. China attempts to strengthen its defence system so as to become a superpower

China’s economy has slowed down. People are agitating in China for some time now because China is imposing a lockdown to fight against Corona virus. This will result in its economic rate dropping to less than 2%. As a consequence, the pace with which China is making nuclear bombs will also slow down.

China’s President Xi Jinping is very cruel and has only one devilish ambition, therefore, he is paying more attention to strengthening the defence system of his country. He will crush the agitations of his people, but will make nuclear bombs as per his wish. China is not making nuclear weapons only, the pace with which it is making other weapons is also quite high. The danger of its waging war is, therefore, quite certain. China can also use these weapons in ‘Grey Zone Warfare’, i.e. for bullying.

3. India’s ability for nuclear weapons when compared with China

Today, India is estimated to have about 150 to 200 nuclear bombs. India also has the requisite missiles to carry bombs for attacking, which include Prithvi, Agni-1, Agni-2, Agni-3, Agni-4, etc., with the help of which India can besiege China. India also has fighter planes such as the Sukhoi, which can be used for attacking China or Pakistan. The Indian Navy has warships like frigates and destroyers to carry out a nuclear attack. Recently, a submarine ‘Arihant’ has been added to its fleet, which can be operated on nuclear energy and has the ability to launch nuclear weapons from underwater. This means that India too has nuclear bombs. So, India has the ability to retaliate against attacks.

4. For saving the world, China needs to be stopped from making destructive arms

China has a huge number of weapons when compared with India, though India has the ability to fight back against China. Therefore, not only India but the whole world is at risk from China. The world needs to unite and pressurise China to stop making heavily destructive weapons. The world can be put at risk if someone launches a missile by mistake. India or the world should pressurise China, since the danger is enormous.

– (Retd) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan, Pune. 

China’s President Xi is very cruel; he is paying more attention to strengthening the defence system of his country !

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