‘Gazhani did not do any wrong when he demolished the Somnath Temple’ : Maulana Mohammad Sajid Rashid

President of All India Imam Association Maulana Mohammad Sajid Rashid’s infuriating statement !(Maulana is an Islamic scholar)

Maulana Mohammad Sajid Rashid

New Delhi – An infuriating statement was made by All India Imam Association President Maulana Mahommad Sajjid Rashid. He said that people say that Mahmud Ghazni demolished the Somnath Temple. But history says that a complaint was made to Ghazni that some people were indulging in malpractices in the name of faith in the temple. Thereafter, Ghazni investigated the matter at the temple. And on finding the complaint was correct he then attacked the Somnath Temple. He did not commit a mistake by destroying the temple. Ghazni was able to stop the malpractices that were happening there. Maulana was speaking to the ANI news agency.

Rashid said, in the 800 years of Moghul rule there were many emperors. History shows that their rule had no religious bias. They did not do anything for the sake of religion. This can be shown with numerous examples. (Rashid should note that he can speak all the lies he wants, but they will never become a fact. – Editor)

Earlier, Rashid made a statement about demolishing the Ram Temple and building the Babri Mosque over there !

Editorial viewpoint

From this, we can understand Rashid’s true mentality !

Rashid while speaking about the Shriram Mandir he had said, our future generations will destroy Shriram Mandir and build a Mosque. The Muslims are silent today, but in the future history shall be rewritten. (It is painful that people who make such statements are freely roaming around. – Editor )

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Thousands of descendants of the Moghul mentality are still seen in the country. To destroy this mentality, it should not be a surprise if some feel that something similar to what China did in the Xinjiang province should be done !
  • It is shameful for the Hindus that such statements are made in a Hindu-majority India ! The entire world knows that not just in Pakistan, but in India too, what happens when a statement is made against the beliefs of other religions !
  • The Union Government should file a case against Rashid for hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindus and imprison him !

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