‘Shriram was alcoholic, how to consider him an ideal’ ? : K S Bhagwan, Writer

Karnataka writer K S Bhagwan’s anti-Hindu statement !

Karnataka writer K S Bhagwan

Mandya (Karnataka) – K S Bhagwan, a retired professor and an author, recently made a controversial statement that has caused ire among Hindus. He said, ‘Shriram used to sit with Sita in the afternoon. He used to drink all day and send Sita into exile. He had no concern for Sita. He beheaded Shambuk, who sat under a tree and took penance. Then how to call him an ideal ?’. He was speaking at a programme organised in Mandya, Karnataka, on 20th January.

K S Bhagwan further said, ‘There is a talk of establishing Ram Rajya. If one studies Uttarakhand in Valmiki’s Ramayan, he will realise that Shriram is not an ideal person. He did not rule for 11,000 years, but only for 11 years.

Government should put KS Bhagwan in jail, BJP demands

Criticising Bhagwan’s statement, Karnataka BJP leader Vivek Reddy said, ‘It is a very offensive and despicable comment. It shows their dirty mentality. Had he said this in another country, one could only imagine what he would have to face. India is a very tolerant country, but we will not tolerate disrespect to our Deities. Everything has a limit. The Government should immediately arrest him’.

Objectionable statements made by KS Bhagwan in the past !

1. KS Bhagwan also claimed in 2019 that Shriram used to consume alcohol regularly. He also made Mata Sita drink alcohol. Bhagwan has also mentioned this in his book. Some passages in this book were disputed. Because of this, the Government had to provide security to him. The Government removed Bhagwan’s book from Government libraries after his offensive statements.

2. In 2015, Bhagwan declared that ‘I will burn some pages of Shrimadbhagawadgeeta’. After that, the Police registered a case against him for hurting religious sentiments.

Bhagwan was smeared with ink in the past !

In 2021, ink was thrown at KS Bhagwan by a woman advocate from Bangalore. The woman said that Bhagwan had insulted Hinduism and hence, I smeared ink on his face.

(Credit : India News)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Writer Bhagwan has made controversial statements insulting the Hindus Deities several times in the past too. No strict action has been taken against him then and hence, he is constantly making such statements. Devout Hindus feel that the BJP Government in Karnataka should take this seriously and stop this Hindu hatred !
  • In Pakistan, those who insult Allah, Prophet, Quran, etc., are given death penalty. The BJP Government at the Centre should also pass such a law to punish the perpetrators of Hinduism in India !
  • Will K S Bhagwan ever dare to ask such questions about the religious figures of other religions ?