Pakistan will split apart into two parts in 2023 !

  • Muqtedar Khan, a professor at a university in America, predicts !
  • If India wants, it can annex Pakistan-occupied Kashmir !
Professor Muqtedar Khan

Islamabad (Pakistan) – ‘Pakistan is currently facing 6 crises namely political crisis, economic crisis, security crisis, system crisis, image crisis, and environmental crisis. Due to these crises, Pakistan may split into two parts or all the Government institutions of the country may fail in 2023’, Professor Muqtedar Khan, the founding director of the Islamic Studies Program at the University of Delaware in the United States, predicted. Khan also said that if India wants, it can declare war and annex Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and other parts.

(Credit : Aaj Tak)

Professor Muqtedar Khan said,

1. If the situation in Pakistan does not improve, thousands of refugees will leave Pakistan and go all over the world. It will have a big impact on India.

2. After Imran Khan was ousted from power, a political crisis has arisen in Pakistan. Imran Khan is holding protest marches and delivering speeches. This political crisis does not allow the Government to run the administration properly.

3. Pakistan has high inflation. The rate of development has been very low. Exports have also declined. This has resulted in many financial problems. The biggest problem is that if they need anything, they cannot import it. It takes 10 to 20 years to get out of bankruptcy.

4. Security problem has become very serious in Pakistan. One is the Taliban on the border and the other is ‘Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)’. TTP has actually declared its independent Government in Pakistan. So now 2 Governments rule in Pakistan. If the Pakistani Government starts a war against TTP, they will flee to Afghanistan. There is a possibility that the Taliban will attack Pakistan.

5. If India invades Pakistan, it can easily take the territory it wants from Pakistan. Pakistan has sent half its army to fight the Taliban. How will they fight with India with half of its army ? But India is not cunning like Pakistan.

6. Pakistan has a people’s Government, a military Government, and a TTP Government, which is a very confusing situation. It is not clear who is the Government for the people who live in the areas under TTP influence. Pakistan has a crisis of order, and to end this it will have to reorganise the States. The army will also have to change.

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