Agitation intensifies for a separate nation for Sindh province in Pakistan !

Pakistan likely to be divided into four parts !

Islamabad (Pakistan) –  Hindus from Sindh province are constantly persecuted in Pakistan, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. The local Hindus have, therefore, united and started agitations. A huge march is going to be taken out in the province for the demand of an independent Sindhudesh. A similar march was taken out even last year when the local Hindus had requested Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, America’s President Joe Biden, and other leaders to help in freedom of Sindh province as a nation.

(Credit : ANI News)

1. Hindus say that they would get a right to live in Sindh province after it becomes an independent nation, for which Pakistan needs to be divided.

2. The people of Sindh claim that the British had ruled their province and in 1947, although the local people were against it, it was illegally included in Pakistan.

3. The nationalist people of Sindh say that, like the Sindh nation in Mahabharat, Sindh should be separated from Pakistan to be a free nation. Earlier in 1967 too, a strong demand for a separate homeland was made. The movement was led by G M Syed and Mohammed Rashdi. In 1971 when Bangladesh was freed from Pakistan, the demand for a separate Sindh nation intensified.

4. Now, the World Sindhi Congress, Sindhudesh Liberation Army, Jai Sindhu Students, Sindh National Movement Party, etc. are continuing the agitations for their demand.

5. Zafar Sahito Euro, the supporter of the Sindh nation and the founder of the ‘Jai Sindh Freedom Movement’  said that in 1843, the British army attacked and took over Sindh province. It should have been returned to us when the British left, since it was our right. The British created Pakistan for their own selfish interests. During the regime of King Dahir of Sindh in the year 711, Sindh was an independent nation.

6. In the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan, Afghani citizens while in Baluchistan, Baluchi people have been staging armed agitations for the past few years; therefore, Pakistan is likely to face division into 4 parts.

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Indians feel that India should help people of Sindh province !

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