Jihadis attack Hindus after an announcement in the Mosque : Bangladesh

Bangladeshi tribal Hindus attacked by jihadis !

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Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Jihadi Muslims gathered after the announcement from a mosque and brutally attacked the Hindus to evacuate them from their ancestral land.

A Twitter account called ‘Voice of Bangladeshi Hindus’ tweeted, “Attack on tribal Hindus for encroachment of land belonging to tribal Hindus in Sherpur Upazila of Bogra district. Hindus are in critical condition and have been admitted to a local hospital. Attacks on Hindus were carried out by announcing on mosque microphones.”

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It is a shame for all the Hindus around the world that there is no one to protect the Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Please note, no mainstream media will cover this report. However, fake news of Hindus attacking the minority community gets reported meticulously !