Allegations on ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan false : CBI

  • The arrest was illegal, 1994 espionage case was false, CBI informs Kerala High Court
  • International conspiracy against Nambi

Nambi Narayanan (left)

Thiruvananthpuram (Kerala) – India’s Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientist Nambi Narayanan’s arrest was illegal, 1994 espionage case was false and no scientific information was released in that incident. CBI told the High Court on 13th January that it was an international conspiracy to trap him under false espionage. He was the chief ‘Liquid Propellant Engine Scientist’ in ISRO.

The Scientist Nambi Narayanan was simply involved in the espionage issue in which the allegation was that cryogenic technology as sold to Pakistan through a Maldive’s citizen. CBI Court and the Supreme Court had released Nambi Narayanan in 1998, but during that period he had spent 50 days in jail along with co-scientist companion D Shashikumar and 4 others.

Nambi Narayanan’s name was to be totally removed from this false case and he was to be given compensation for damages, he fought legal battle demanding action against the Police officers responsible for his arrest. He has alleged in his book that those who are tried and under investigation were involved in disrupting ISRO’s work along with USA’s spy agency CIA.

Nambi Narayanan has written his life story in a book on which actor Madhavan has released a film showing Nambi Narayanan’s total struggle. Madhavan is the director and actor in the film. It has been selected and sent for Oscar award 2023.

Editorial perspective

Those involved in falsely accusing Nambi Narayanan of espionage, should be tried in Court under the crime of being involved in anti-national activities and the Centre should try for no less than death penalty to the criminals.