What to do when unnecessary thoughts increase in a situation ?

H.H. Sandeep Alshi

Many a time, due to some situation, seekers experience increase in unnecessary thoughts. If this happens, we can think or make efforts as given ahead.

1. What is the worth of the situation that has arisen in my overall life ? How will this situation affect my life ? Will it affect me in the short term or long term ? We can introspect in this manner. Many a time such situations (for example, someone did not speak to me politely) do not have any worth in our lives, they do not affect us and even if they do, it is only for a short while. Even then we waste our energy on such thoughts. An event that holds some value in our life or if it affects our life (for example, when the responsible seeker makes us aware of our personality defects or ego aspects), however, needs to be considered and introspected upon.

2. If we think that Guru or God have taught us a lot from an incident which has taken place with us, then we will not feel anything about it.

3. One should develop the habit of praying to the Guru for stability of the mind by immediately offering at the Guru’s feet the thoughts that have increased due to some incident.

4. We can write such thoughts on a sheet and write the chant around it (meaning, on the four sides that form a border) and then burn that sheet with camphor. By doing this, the excessive thoughts will reduce.

5. Our mind can dwell on only one thought at a time. Due to this, we should engage our mind in positive thoughts like satseva – where the mind gets engaged or on chanting – and bhav (Spiritual emotion) experiments to generate bhav in which our mind can easily get engaged. Due to this, our mind will come out of the negative thoughts.

6. Once the intensity of thoughts caused by some incident subsides, we should find out the root cause of the personality defect in such thoughts and take effective autosuggestions accordingly.

7. Sometimes distress can also lead to an increase in our thoughts. At such times, these thoughts can stay for a longer period. For this, the remedy is to take autosuggestions alongwith with our upays (Spiritual remedies) which we find with the help of the ‘Pranashakti flow method’ or upays given by an knowledgeable seeker who has bhav.

– H.H. Sandeep Alshi (26.10.2022)

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