‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi was going to visit Pakistan in 2021’ !

Senior Pakistani journalist Javed Chaudhary claims !

(Left side) Pakistani former PM Imran Khan and Indian PM Narendra Modi 

Islamabad – Prime Minister Narendra Modi was going to visit Pakistan in 2021 and there he was going to reiterate the Indo-Pak friendship, claimed Javed Chaudhary, a senior journalist in Pakistan in an article. No one from the political circles of Pakistan has yet confirmed how true this claim is.

Pakistani journalist Javed Chaudhary

Pakistani journalist Javed Chaudhary has said that Pakistan Army had convinced Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Pakistan in 2020. General Faiz Hameed had made this arrangement. He had met India’s NSA Ajit Doval in an Arab country. After the discussion between them, it was decided that Prime Minister Modi would visit Pakistan on 9th April 2021. Prime Minister Modi is a devotee of Shri Hinglajmata in Pakistan. On arrival in Pakistan, he would directly go to Shri Hinglajmata temple and observe fast for 10 days there.

On his way back from Pakistan, he would meet then Prime Minister Imran Khan, the two would shake hands and reiterate friendship. Modi would then declare, ‘We will start trade with Pakistan. India-Pakistan will not interfere in each other’s issues and will not participate in terrorist activities, will sit together, and resolve the Kashmir issue’. All these things were planned. But at that time Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi threatened Imran Khan that, ‘If you do this, you will be accused of making a deal on Kashmir’. Therefore, Imran Khan withdrew from the planned Modi visit, and hence this tour could not take place.

Editorial Viewpoint

The Indian Government has repeatedly exposed Pakistan’s terrorism to the world. Therefore, the question arises whether such news is being planted to defame Prime Minister Modi. The Government of India should take its cognisance and respond to it !

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