Remarkable response to the Bandh called out in 7 Districts by the tribal community against religious conversion !

Opposition by the locals in Chhattisgarh to the increasing activities of religious conversion by the Christian missionaries !

Raipur (Chattisgarh) – Due to the increasing incidents of religious conversions, the tribal community had appealed to call out a Bandh in 7 Districts. Hence, the markets were closed in these 7 Districts. The ‘Chamber of Commerce’ was too in favor of this Bandh. The administration imposed strict restrictions after this strike. As a result, the situation got tense. Considering this, the tribals put the Bandh on hold but still, the public continued it with self-motivation. The shopkeepers willingly kept the shops closed. It gave a clear message that the people were strongly against religious conversions by luring individuals.

1. On 2nd January, the Church in Bararupara, which was the center of religious conversion, was vandalised. Hence, the situation there became tense. Till now 10 people have been arrested in this matter.

2. Due to the Bandh, Police were deployed in large numbers in all 7 Districts. At that time, the organisations run by the Churches and missionaries were provided protection. (The administration should give thought as to why are the people enraged against the Christian missionaries. Then take action against the concerned individuals. – Editor)

3. The administration had forbidden it to call outmarches. The Police were supervising these Districts.

Editorial viewpoint

As the Congress Government in Chhattisgarh is in favour of Christians, we can’t expect any action to be taken against those converting the people ! These incidents can be stopped only by some influential organisations !

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