Seekers required for early publishing of over 2,000 Texts compiled by Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Jayant Athavale

1. Contribution of Texts compiled by Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale to society before the adverse times

A. From the knowledge in Sanatan’s Texts, society will become sattvik (Spiritually pure) and this will be conducive for establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

B. We can only survive in the adverse times if we perform spiritual practice and because we are blessed. From the Texts compiled, the requisite knowledge of spiritual practice necessary for the current times can be obtained in an appropriate, easy-to-understand manner for the present generation of the scientific age.

C. Since Sachchidananda Parabrahman compiles Texts on various subjects, many people can quickly turn to spiritual practice according to their nature and interest.

D. The ‘Hindu Rashtra’ will last a few thousand years; but since the knowledge in the Texts is eternal, just as the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ must be established soon, there is urgency in publishing these Texts before the adverse times set in and World War 3 starts.

Over 2,000 Texts need to be processed, for which help of many people is required. Make the most of this golden opportunity by participating in the satseva of Text publication according to your interest and ability.

– Sanatan’s Saint, H.H. Sandeep Alshi, Compiler of Sanatan’s Texts, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

2. Contact to participate in any of the following satsevas

2A. Related to publication of Texts

1. Computer typing, compilation, verification of Sanskrut verses, etc., final compilation of Texts.
2. Formatting Texts and making tables.
3. Translation of Marathi, Hindi or English Texts into local and foreign languages.

These satsevas require good knowledge of computers and typing skills. Those who wish to learn these satsevas can stay in Sanatan’s Ashram for 2-3 weeks.

Later, they can perform these satsevas in the Ashram or from home.

2B. Related to printing

1. Looking after offset printing, multi-colour printing, single-colour printing.

2. Good knowledge of computer programmes such as Open Office, Excel, CorelDraw, InDesign, E-mail, etc. to perform computer satsevas such as filling reports.

3. Verifying that Texts have been printed correctly.

4. Physical satsevas such as carrying boxes of Texts.

5. Driving 2-wheelers or 4-wheelers

People who are capable of performing and learning the abovementioned satsevas but do not have the required skills can be taught the requisite skills.

3. Details required from those who wish to participate in these satsevas.

1. Full name, Address, District and State
2. Contact number
3. Age (In years)
4. Educational qualification
5. Which languages do you know ?
6. Which satsevas in Points 2A and 2B can you perform ? (You can write more than one)
7. Which of the aforementioned computer skills in Points 2A and 2B do you have ?
8. Do you have experience in the aforementioned satsevas ?
9. Do you need temporary or permanent accommodation in the Ashram to perform these satsevas ?
10. If you need temporary accommodation, mention the number of days / months
11. Do you have a computer and Internet available at home ?
12. How many hours can you give to satseva per day / week ?

Those who wish to participate in these satsevas should send their details to Sanatan’s seekers by E-mail or as per the above table, while seekers should send their details through the District-sevak to Mrs Bhagyashree Sawant on E-mail – [email protected] or to :
Postal Address : Mrs Bhagyashree Sawant, Sanatan Ashram, 24/B, Ramnathi, Bandora, Ponda, Goa – 403 401.

By reading Sanatan’s Texts, society will become sattvik and this will be conducive for establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !