India’s fight against Terrorism

Mr Durgesh Jaywant Parulkar

India has been fighting terrorism for the past 75 years. Terrorism has led to indiscriminate loss of lives and national property. The entire environment in the country has worsened.

In India itself, many people are sympathetic to terrorists instead of understanding the harm caused by terrorism. No one looks at all the Muslims in the country through a common lense, but those who sympathise with terrorism are not ready to ponder over this question – What national interests are they serving by supporting people who harm the country and worsen the environment in society ?

1. Crushing inhuman and demonic tendencies amounts to non-violence !

Opinions may differ. Even if we do not agree with some ideology, those who adopt it are not our enemies. Any ideology stands on the foundation of truth, morality and justice. Ideology that ignores these aspects, is not ideology. The ideology of those who support terrorism have buried these aspects. Inhuman and demonic tendencies cannot be shown mercy. Such tendencies cannot be treated with compassion either, because they have nothing to do with truth, morality and justice. Terrorism is one demonic tendency. It does not allow common people to live happily and peacefully. Eliminating such tendencies amounts to non-violence and justice.

2. Terrorism flourished in India through various media since the so-called progressives and intellectuals supported the terrorists !

Supporting and glorifying the brutality of terrorists and criminalising the enforcers of counter-terrorism cannot be considered ‘intelligence’. Terrorists have shed blood in India, attacked our Parliament, destroyed the 1857 Martyrs’ Memorial outside Azad Maidan in Mumbai, and now set up a parallel economy through Halal certification to destroy the Indian economy. There is no end to the harmful effects of their wickedness.

Our previous rulers did things that nourished such demonic tendencies. This is how the Waqf Board illegally acquired land in our country. It has acquired an entire village in Tamil Nadu. The Sunni Waqf Board has also laid claim to ownership of the Dwarka Island in Gujarat. When a group of so-called intellectuals stands behind such a tendency, it is like challenging the sovereignty and independence of the country. It is not that the so-called intellectuals do not understand this important aspect.

China and Pakistan are enemies of India. They have deliberately planted terrorism in India and supplied a lot of money and arms to our countrymen. The terrorist activities have threatened the sovereignty and Independence of our country. Infiltration is a major problem for India. Now, this terrorism has left the entire world suffering.

3. Initiative taken by India to end global terrorism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is determined that he will not rest till terrorism is completely eliminated in the world. India has taken the initiative for this.
For the past 4 years, the Government has been continuously trying to prevent terrorists from receiving funds. In 2018, the ‘No Money for Terror’ Conference was held in France. At that time, the focus was on global terrorist organisations such as the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. The second Conference was held in November 2019 in Australia. During the Covid pandemic, no Conference could be organised for 2 years. Subsequently, the 3rd Conference was held in New Delhi on the 18th and 19th November 2022.

To end terrorism completely, the current Union Home Minister Amit Shah proposed setting up a ‘No Money for Terror Secretariat’. No other country has as much experience as India in fighting Islamist and Khalistani militancy, infiltration in North-East India, and separatists. Funds received by terrorists are closely monitored in our country through the ‘Financial Action Task Force’.

4. Seventy-two countries to unite under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi to end terrorism in the world

Terrorism in the world is currently on the rise. The reason for this is – some countries such as China and Pakistan use terrorism as a part of governance. Terrorist organisations are continuously supplied funds and weapons by foreign countries. Terrorists need money to buy weapons, train militants and go to different places to carry out terrorist activities. Terrorists receive money from the same country in which they take refuge. Funding also comes from organisations such as the NGOs and charities abroad and drug trafficking. Financing is also done through ‘Crypto currency’ (Virtual currency). 72 countries have come together to take measures to prevent this money and arms supply from reaching terrorists. 15 international organisations have also participated in this effort to eradicate terrorism.

Peace and order in the country is an absolute necessity for all-round development of human beings. Terrorism undermines peace and order. As a result, the common man has to live in a stressful environment. Owing to this, 72 countries have come together under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the complete eradication of terrorism. This step to create a cultured and civilised society is definitely welcome.

– Mr Durgesh Jaywant Parulkar, Devout Hindu Lecturer and Author, Dombivli, Maharashtra. (22.11.2022)

Editorial Viewpoint

Peace and order are an absolute necessity for development of humans. Terrorism undermines peace and order !

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