Muslims oppose Govt team’s action against a mosque on encroached land in Aligarh

Opposition to the demolition of a tomb built at the Bareilly Railway Station.

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Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) – The administration team that had gone at the orders of the Court to demolish the illegally constructed mosque at Aligarh and the tomb built at the Bareilly Railway Station was opposed by the Muslim group that was led by Samajwadi Party’s ex-MLA Haji Jamir Ullah. Similarly, the Muslim group opposing the demolition of the tomb at the Bareilly Station was led by Congress leader Mehandi Hasan.

1. Two individuals are claiming the land on which stands the Mosque in Aligarh’s Shahpur. One of them was a Hindu and another a Muslim. After this issue went into litigation, the Courts gave a verdict in favour of the Hindus. On the 26th of December, the Deputy Collector and the administrative team went to the site to give possession to the Hindu individual, they were opposed by the Muslims. Then the Hindu gave Rs.10 Lakh as an agreement to close the issue. (Because of the helplessness and inability of the Police and administration the Hindus fall prey to the pressure of religious fanatics. This is an example of Land Jihad ! – Editor)      

2. A notice was given on the 28th of December to remove the tomb on platform Number 1 at the Bareilly Railway Station as per the Court’s orders. This is being opposed by the Muslims. The Muslims are alleging that the tomb is 500 years old. According to Congress Leader Dr Mehandi Hasan this tomb does not obstruct anyone. (It should not be a surprise if the land on which this tomb stands becomes a mosque. Hence, it is necessary that the administration takes action in this matter! – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

Harsh, and strict action, even imprisonment should be taken against those who build on encroached land and then oppose the action that is taken on the instruction of the Courts; only then will there be fear of doing anything illegal !

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