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Inspect the madarasas

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Narottam Mishra, Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has said, “I have received complaints that objectionable things are being taught in some madarasas. Therefore, the syllabus taught of madarasas at various places in Madhya Pradesh will be verified by the respective District Collectors. In future, we will also focus on how to improve the current curriculum in the madarasas”. A surprise inspection of some madarasas by the State Child Protection Commission revealed some objectionable teachings. The Madhya Pradesh Government has announced that it will now start to inspect the madarasas.

The truth about Madarasas

Sanatan Prabhat English Editorial

Uttar Pradesh has the largest number of madarasas in the country. When their survey began in Uttar Pradesh in August 2022, some startling findings emerged. There were 8,496 unapproved madarasas in 75 Districts of Uttar Pradesh. It was revealed that over 6,53,000 students are studying in these madarasas.

The questions that arise before us after the survey are – Who funds such a large number of unapproved madarasas ?, Who controls them ?

According to intelligence reports received by the Government, it has come to light that outfits such as Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hizbul Mujahideen and Indian Mujahideen try to mislead students studying in the madarasas and involve them in terrorist activities. More than 10 terrorists who were caught in the last 8 years studied at Deoband Madarasa in Saharanpur, UP. Besides, youth from Deoband, many who are studying in madarasas in Azamgarh, Mau, Bahraich have been arrested for their involvement in terrorist activities. As a result, there is ample room to claim that madarasas are centres for inducing the youth to indulge in anti-national activities. Hence essential to inspect the madarasas

Former President of Shia Central Waqf Board, Wasim Rizvi (now, known as Jitendra Tyagi, after converting to Hindu Dharma), had written to the Prime Minister 4 years ago explaining that education promoting terrorism is being imparted in the madarasas. He said that since no practical education is provided in them, many Muslim youth complete their education but continue to remain unemployed. In his letter, he had also demanded that madarasas in the country be closed down (Inspect the madarasas to know the fact).

Madarasas – the centres of religious conversion

The general understanding is that any madarasa is a centre for imparting religious education. In reality, the situation is just the opposite. It has been found that seducing Hindu girls and raping them, sexually abusing and assaulting them in many other serious ways are part of their agenda. Arms have also been seized from madarasas in many places. Some years ago, Tehsin Akhtar, a member of Indian Mujahideen, was arrested. It was reported that he was in touch with some madarasas before his arrest. In 2014, an incident of the gang rape of a Hindu girl by fanatics and her forced conversion to Islam was reported from Meerut. The victim had reported at that time that 50 girls like her had been kept enslaved. Therefore, stern efforts must be made to impose restrictions on these madarasas. There is an urgent need to diligently monitor the kind of education being imparted in the madarasas, the exact nature of the activities taking place there, whether conversions and unlawful activities are being encouraged, etc. ( Inspect the madarasas and monitor them for national interest)

Bold action like that in Assam is the need of the hour

In August 2022, the Assam Police arrested 37 teachers and Imams (Islamic teachers) who had been carrying out terrorist activities under the cover of madarasas. It was noticed that some terrorists had entered Assam pretending to be religious teachers but had been trying to create instability in the State. After this, Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, took drastic action and ordered the demolition of the madarasa in Dhakalipara area of Barpeta District using a JCB (Bulldozer). The Police said that this madarasa had been built on Government land and the Director of the madarasa could not provide any information on the source of the funds for its construction. Hence inspect the madarasas to study the fact.

After this, the Chief Minister stated that the Imams visiting Assam will have to provide full information to the Police before commencing teaching in any madarasa. Strict action would be taken against the defaulters, said the Chief Minister. Similar action needs to be taken in other parts of the country as well.

There is no way of knowing what goes on within their four walls

There are lakhs of madarasas in the country. Since many of them are not even registered, there is no way of knowing what goes on within their four walls. What would be going on in a State like Bengal is beyond the understanding of an average intellect. Therefore, instead of each State issuing separate orders to inspect madarasas, the Union Government will have to boldly issue a common order to all the States to inspect their madarasas, and if required, shut down those that are engaged in anti-social activities.

This needs to be done urgently so as to preserve the security and integrity of our country-  inspect the madarasas !

It has come to light that terrorist outfits try to mislead students in the madarasas and involve them in terrorist acts !

Also read how Non-Muslim students studying in the madarasas are being given Islamic religious education !

Over 7,500 madarasas run without permission in Uttar Pradesh !

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