Adivasi girls lured into a web of love, then raped, killed, and their land grabbed !

The religious fanatics are using Love Jihad as a medium to take over the Adivasi Lands, ‘Land Jihad’ !

Ranchi – In Jharkhand’s Adivasi region religious fanatics are luring the Adivasi girls into web of love and marrying them. Afterwards, they are killed and their land was taken over. Numerous cases of Adivasi women lured into marriage by already-married Muslim men have come to light.

1. The Muslim Community is encroaching into the jungles under the pretext of marriage. The Adivasi ladies are lured with promises of employment and forced into prostitution.

2. Jharkhand’s Pahadiya Adivasis hold large tracts of land. The Muslim men with an eye on the property marry the Adivasi women and then take control of their lands.

3. In the last year more than 100 Adivasi women have been lured into marriage by Muslim youths in the Borio region of Jharkhand.

4. BJP Leader Amit Malviya said, we must see the murder of Adivasi women as a conspiracy to establish Islamic rule in India. The methodology is to infiltrate the Adivasi community by marrying Adivasi women, then winning local elections, and grab the land. After the death of an Adivasi woman, her land goes to her non-Adivasi husband.

Editorial viewpoint

From this, it can be seen that Love Jihad be declared a National Issue and strict steps taken to stop this ! What steps will the Government be taking to prevent Love Jihad ?

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