Demand against granting permission for holding Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha !

Anti-Hindu demand by pro (re) gressive factions with SP, Jalgaon

Jalgaon (Maharashtra) – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has planned to hold ‘Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Sabha’ on the 25th of December 2022, but few anti-Hindu pro (re) gressive factions have demanded through a memorandum submitted to the SP of Jalgaon that permission should not be granted to the ‘sabha’, giving a ridiculous excuse that the ‘sabha’ might create communal disharmony and disturb law and order situation.

There were many ‘sabha’ held so far in Jalgaon that have received a very good response from Hindus, devout Hindu activists, as also from spiritual organisations and Sects. Thousands of Hindus attend these ‘sabhas’ resulting in Hindu unification on a large scale. It has been observed that thousands of Hindus get the right direction on the need for the protection of nation and Dharma, and they start taking an active part in relative activities. It is said that the tremendous positive response received for the ‘sabha’ is rankling a few progressive factions.

Opposing ‘sabha’ held legally for awakening Hindus is a mischief ! – Prashant Juvekar, HJS, Jalgaon

Prashant Juvekar, HJS, Jalgaon

HJS has been active for the last twenty years. All activities of HJS are held legally. Such ‘sabha’ is being held every year in Jalgaon since 2008. ‘Sabha’ are held legally for creating awareness amongst Hindus and there never has been any problem related to law and order due to these ‘sabha’; therefore, submitting a memorandum against the holding of such ‘sabha’ is mischief and we condemn these tendencies.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has held more than 2,000 such ‘sabha’ in the last ten years and there never has been any law-and-order problems during such ‘sabha’. The Police have this information in their records. The Superintendent of Police (SP) needs to find out on what basis; however, the progressive factions are making such a demand ?
  • It needs to be noted that the progressive factions, which don’t say a word when non-Hindus create a riot-like situation and disturb the law and order, always have problems when such ‘sabha’ are held peacefully for creating awareness amongst Hindus towards matters related to their nation and Dharma.