Temples played a big role in the development of society and civilization : Madras High Court

Chennai – The Madras High Court at Madurai recently observed that temples have played multiple roles in the development of society and civilization, and the regular and traditional functioning of the temples should be of paramount consideration in their preservation. The existence of temples is linked to the co-existence of activities such as recitation of Vedas, bhajans, dances, dramas, kirtan, etc. performed inside them and waning of one activity will result in the waning of other activities & eventually the temples themselves, the High Court observed while delivering a verdict on a PIL.

1. A Bench of Justice R Mahadevan and Justice J Satyanarayan Prasad observed that temples that stand the test of time are archaeologically important sites.

2. The executive officer of the Arulmighu Subramania Swamy temple in Tiruchendur in Tuticorin District of Tamil Nadu had decided not to allow devotees to stay outside the temple premises during the Kanda Shashti festival. It was upheld by the Court in view of the safety of the devotees.

3. A Public Interest Litigation was filed in the Madras High Court in Madurai seeking permission for devotees to stay in the temple during the Kanda Shashti festival.

4. Normally, during the 6-day-long annual Kanda Shashti festival which falls on the 6th day of the Tamil Month of Aippasi, the devotees fast, sing kanda shasti kavasam and perform religious activities in the temple, without going to their home. At such times the devotees are allowed to remain in the temple premises, but since major development work is going on in the temple, no one is allowed to stay in the temple during this year’s festival to avoid inconvenience to the devotees and instead temporary accommodation with basic facilities is being provided outside the temple, the executive officials told the Court.

5. While maintaining the sanctity of the temple, the safety of the devotees is equally important, the Court said while delivering the verdict.