Public execution of an Afghan man convicted of murder : Afghanistan

The Taliban carry out the first public execution

Farah (Afghanistan) – An Individual convicted of murder was executed publicly. The person was shot thrice and killed in front of thousands of people in the ‘Sports Stadium’. The person who shot the murderer was the father of the person who was killed by the convict.  Afghan Taliban carried out the first public execution since the takeover of the country. At this time Judges of the Supreme court, officers of the Armed forces, and many senior Ministers were present. The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid gave this information.

The executed man was Tajmir, he was a resident of Anjil district in Herat province. It is said that Tajmir had murdered a man 5 years ago, and stolen his motorcycle and mobile phone. He was arrested by the Taliban after the family members of the dead man complained against the convicted man.

Editorial viewpoint

It is necessary to have the fear of punishment to maintain law and order in society. People avoid doing many wrong things due to the fear of punishment. In India, harsh punishment is not meted out immediately for crimes, hence the number of crimes is increasing. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone asks that India should also have a similar method of giving punishment.

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