More than 10 thousand Euthanasia deaths in Canada in 2021

Ottawa (Canada) – Euthanasia is allowed in Canada. More than 10 thousand people have given up their lives through euthanasia and these were 30% of total deaths in Canada in 2021. Now from March 2023, the Government will allow euthanasia by law for mentally-ill people including minors.

1. In 2015, a Court order made the way for euthanasia in Canada. The law was passed in the following year, 2016. Those over 18 would be frustrated by any difficulties are permitted to choose euthanasia.

2. Ross Douthat, author of The Deep Places: A Memoir of Illness and Discovery, says that if 10 thousand people accept euthanasia in a year, allowing euthanasia cannot be a symbol of any healthy civil society.

3. Most of Canadians support euthanasia. According to them, it is a human right to live with dignity and die with dignity.

4. The Associated Press’s Maria Cheng reports that health workers in Canada, struggling with financial constraints, are offering assisted deaths to those considering suicide.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • A person dies without completing his give-and-take account when choosing euthanasia. This is free will is like tampering with the law of nature. Hence, it has no place in Hindu Dharma. Please note that only the spiritually evolved and the saints end their lives by samadhi or other means after completing their mission.
  • Euthanasia has a place in Canada because the so-called reformist society and Government in Canada are unaware of the spirituality. So they are harming the citizens on a spiritual level.

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