Taliban has 800 suicide bombers !

  • Ex-Afghan Vice-President revealed !
  • Taliban have the protection of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI !
Former Vice-President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh

Kabul (Afghanistan) – Former Vice-President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh has said that the Taliban currently has an army of 800 suicide bombers. All of them have been indoctrinated. Taliban Commander Mullah Tajmir has been running a bomb-manufacturing factory for the last 20 years.

It is necessary that the UN investigates the attack that happened a few days ago on Pakistan’s embassy. Pakistan’s Intelligence agency ISI office should be investigated to get information about that attack. ISI supports the terrorists. ISI Chief visited Afghanistan when the Taliban got control of Kabul.

Editorial viewpoint

Taliban is anti-India. Hence, it is necessary that the Indian Government take necessary steps before they carry out any anti-national terrorist activities in the country.

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