India 5th among the world’s most polluted countries : A Switzerland research

  • The conclusion of a company from Switzerland !
  • Bangladesh is in the 1st place while Pakistan is in the 3rd place !

New Delhi – ‘IQ Air’, a pollution technology company in Switzerland, has listed the world’s most polluted countries. The list generated from the research conducted in 2021 features India in the 5th place, while Bangladesh is in first place. India’s capital Delhi and many prominent cities are included in the list.

Tajikistan is listed as the 4th most polluted country. Air pollution happens mostly because of cement and coal energy projects. Pakistan is in 3rd place on the list of most polluted countries. The average age of its citizens has been reduced by 4 years because of the air pollution in Pakistan. Chad an African country is in 2nd place among the most polluted countries. In this country air pollution is the 3rd issue after lack of cleanliness and malnutrition as the problems facing the country.

Editorial viewpoint

It is necessary now to find out how true the evaluation done by the foreign companies. When it is known that western countries have a great amount of pollution, why are the developing countries consciously targeted as most pollutant !

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