Religious fanatic arrested for raping Hindu student in Indore and pressuring her to convert

Indore (MP) – In an outrageous incident that took place in Indore, a person identified as Anwar Khan posed as a Hindu and lured a Hindu girl student into a love trap. He then raped her and pressed her to convert. Anwar has been arrested by the Police in this case.

According to a report published by the media, the victim student became friends with Anwar Khan 8 years ago through a social networking site. Anwar Khan had introduced himself as Annu to the girl. After coming in contact, both became closer. After learning that Annu’s real name is Anwar Khan, the victim broke the friendship with him. She stopped talking to him, but Anwar did not stop. As soon as he got the information about the girl’s marriage being fixed, he started threatening her. He went to her house and threatened to break the marriage. He also pressed her to convert to Islam and marry him. Meanwhile, Anwar Khan also raped the girl.

The victim informed the family about Anwar’s misdeeds. After this, the relatives filed a Police complaint against the accused and contacted Hindu organisations for assistance.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • So far, not a single culprit in love jihad has been severely punished in the country ! As a result, they often commit love jihad ! This is shameful for Government agencies !
  • What is the use of Hindus being a majority in India, if the same events that happen with the minority Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh are also happening with Hindus in India ? This is shameful to Hindus ! Establish Hindu Rashtra to change this situation !
  • Even though the lives of thousands of Hindu girls have been ruined due to love jihad, let alone any Government trying to stop love jihad, not even a word of protest is spoken about it !

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