17-year-old boy rapes and kills a 10-year-old girl after watching a pornographic film

Raipur (Chhattisgarh) – Police have arrested a 17-year-old boy from Bemetara for raping and killing a 10-year-old girl after watching a porn film.

According to media reports, the Police received information about the death of a girl who was hung in Kotwali Police Station jurisdiction, 90 km from Raipur. Police sent the body for post-mortem. Police initially viewed the incident as a suicide, but later the medical report revealed that the girl was raped. After this, Police registered a case and started investigation. During this investigation, the Police suspected a boy living in the neighbourhood. When the boy was interrogated thoroughly, he confessed the crime.

The accused said that on 26th November, he had watched a porn film for a long time on mobile phone. He then went to the neighbour’s house. Seeing that the girl was alone at home, he raped her. He stuffed a cloth in the victim’s mouth at that time. Fearing that his crime would be revealed, the boy killed the victim by strangling her with a scarf. The accused hanged the girl’s body to make it look like a suicide. The Police are investigating further in this matter.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • This is the result of not teaching Spiritual practice to children from childhood !
  • Why doesn’t the Government ban such porn movies ?