Two Bangladeshi Muslims arrested for love-trapping minor Hindu girls in Indore (MP) !

Indore (MP) – In the Sirpur Talab region of Indore, 2 Bangladeshi Muslims have been arrested for performing vulgar acts with minor Hindu girls. These Bangladeshi Muslim youths were allegedly trying to trap these girls in love. The Bajrang Dal activists caught and handed them into the Police custody. Both of them used to work in Indore.

1. Bajrang Dal is running a search campaign to stop the love jihad matters in Indore. For this purpose, its teams are keeping a watch on the cafes, restaurants, gardens and tourist spots. One of its teams had gone to a lake to keep a watch. That time they caught 2 youths doing vulgar acts with 2 girls.

2. Bajrang Dal asked all of them for an identity card. After enquiring strictly, they discovered that the boys are Muslims and the girls are Hindus. Then, the Bajrang Dal activists immediately called the Police and handed those youths over to them.

3. After an inquiry of the girls, it was revealed that those youths were trying to catch these girls in the trap of love and pressuring them to marry. Both the girls used to work at the same place where those boys had their job.

4. In the inquiry of the youths it was discovered that they were Bangladeshi Muslims. Police are now searching how they reached Indore.

5. The Bajrang Dal has taken an aggressive stand on this matter. They have warned that if such an incident happens again, the concerned people will be brutally beaten up.

Editorial viewpoint

When will an action be taken against the Bangladeshi intruders ?

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