Headmistress of a Govt school in Karanataka arranged sermon by pastor while taking charge of the school

Education Department asked for an explanation

(Left side) Jaay Debora, Hindi teacher in a Government girl’s school

Ballari (Karnataka) – Jaay Debora, Hindi teacher in a Government girl’s school here, heard the sermon while taking charge as the headmistress by inviting a pastor of a church carrying Bible. She also made the pastor sit on her chair. All are opposing this incident now. Some teachers in the school along with some local residents have complained against the teacher to the Education Secretary and to many others. Hence Education Department has asked Jaay Debora to write an explanation in that regard.

Jaay Debora has rejected the allegations

Responding to the allegations she said that, it was true that pastor had come there; but he was her brother. He had come to congratulate her; he did not give sermon to teachers in the school and did not offer prayer with the Bible.

Editorial viewpoint

Question arises, ‘Is secularism applicable to only Hindus in India’ ?