A teacher suspended for calling a Muslim student a terrorist !

Udupi (Karnataka) – A professor from ‘Manipal Institute of Technology’ was suspended from service for comparing a Muslim student with a jihadi terrorist. He asked the student’s name and on hearing it, he said that he was like Kasab which enraged the student.

The conversation between the professor and student !

1. On the professor’s reaction comparing the student with Kasab, the student said, “26/11 is not a thing to joke about. It is not a joke to be a Muslim and listen to such things every day in this country. You cannot make fun of my religion in this manner, and that too in such a degrading way. It is not a joke !” (How many Hindu students have such respect for their Dharma as this Muslim student ? Please note that due to the lack of ‘Dharmabhiman’ amongst Hindus; today, Hindus don’t get due respect anywhere in the world ! – Editor) (In the series of terrorist attacks carried out in Mumbai on the 26th of November 2008, 166 people were killed and Kasab, a terrorist, from Pakistan was nabbed by the security agencies.)

2. On this, the professor said, “You are like a son to me !”

3. The student asked him, “If you say I am like your son, will you call your son by a terrorist’s name ? That too, in front of so many people ? You are a teacher by profession.” The professor then apologised to the student.

4. On this, the student said, “Your mentality is not going to change by apologising, nor will there be any change in your behaviour !” (Do Hindus have such love and respect for their Dharma ? They need to introspect and ponder over the same ! – Editor)

A video of this conversation has been made viral on social media; after which, the Institute suspended the professor from service and an inquiry is being conducted into the incident. The Institute has clarified that it condones people with such behaviour.

Editorial viewpoint

Though it is not proper to malign any Indian citizen for his religion, it is also true that the religious sentiments of Hindus, the majority population of this country are continuously trampled, ‘fatwa’ are issued about taking their lives, but no concrete action is taken against the concerned !

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