Picture of Jesus and quotes from Bible on the receipt of Andhra Police !

Explanation by the Police after the criticism from the public

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy

Amravati (AP) – A photo of a receipt has become viral on the internet. This receipt is of the Andhra Traffic Police. On this receipt, there is an image of Jesus and quotes from the Bible. Telugu Desam Party leader Aman Venkatraman Reddy has tweeted this. There is mention of a charge or ₹80 for someone.

1. After the criticism started by the public, Police explained that a Rickshaw driver gave such receipts to the Traffic Police. Unfortunately, he made a mistake by using it in an emergency. Those receipts are now banned. These receipts were not purposely used.

2. Even after this explanation by the Police, the criticism from the public still continues. A Twitter handle with the name ‘Damcherla Hari Babu’ has commented that it’s a good story and should be given to movie director Rajamauli. Andhra Police should be ashamed. The one who has done this should be fired and sent to work in the Church.

Editorial viewpoints

  • It won’t be surprising if someone says that the reason this happened is because the Andhra CM is a Christian ?
  • Please note that those giving the lessons of secularism to Hindus have kept silence on this matter !