Muslims advised that they should not miss their namaz for the matches !

Muslim organisations in Kerala worried because of the Football World Cup Competitions

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Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – The Muslim organisations in Kerala are worried because of the Football World Cup matches being held in Qatar. The Islamic Organisation ‘All Kerala Iyyathul Qutba committee’  has advised the Muslims that they should not miss offering namaz because the football matches were going to be held late into the night.  Huge cut-outs of football players have been put up on the roads in the towns and villages of Kerala. The Qutab Committee has said, ‘this is a waste of money and it is surprising that those who do not have large incomes are also indulging in this waste of money’. A debate enthused after this was told in the mosques on Friday the 25th November.

To see the match or not is the right to choice of the Citizens ! – Kerala’s Education Minister

V. Sivankutty Kerala’s Education Minister said, no one has the right to interfere in anyone’s personal independence. Whether to see the match or not ? whether to listen to music or not ? Whether to read books or not ? The citizens have the right to decide this. No one has the right to ban anyone. Though it may be the Qutba’s right to promote awareness in the people, to accept it or not is the right of the citizens.

Editorial viewpoint

From this one realises; how Muslim Religious Organisations are alert and conscious about their religion ! Does even one Hindu organisation give guidance about how to follow the religious edicts ? And even if they gave it, would the Hindus accept it ?

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