The lesson taught in 2002 established permanent peace in Gujarat thereafter : Amit Shah, Central Home Minister

Central Home Minister Amit Shah

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – In the olden days when any anti-social elements used to be involved in some violent activities, Congress used to be in its favour but after a lesson was taught in 2002, the criminals stopped indulging in violence. BJP has established permanent peace in Gujarat, said the Central Home Minister Amit Shah in a speech in his election campaign. Parts of Gujarat witnessed large-scale violence in 2002 following the train burning incident at Godhra railway station.

(Credit : NDTV)

Amit Shah said, “During the Congress rule in Gujarat (before 1995), communal riots were rampant. Congress used to incite people of different communities and castes to fight against each other. Through such riots, Congress strengthened its vote bank and did injustice to a large section of society. Gujarat witnessed riots in 2002 because perpetrators became habitual of indulging in violence due to the prolonged support they received from Congress. But after they were taught a lesson in 2002, these elements left that path (of violence). They refrained from indulging in violence from 2002 till 2022.”

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