Asim Munir new Army Chief of Pakistan

Involved in Pulwama terrorist attack

New Army Chief of Pakistan, Asim Munir

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Former Chief of ISI, Pakistan’s Intelligence system, Lieutenant General Asim Munir is going to be the new Chief of Pakistan’s Army. He was greatly associated in removing Imran Khan from Prime Minister’s position.

Asim Munir was the Chief of ISI in 2018- 2019 for 8 months. After having achieved the position of CM Imran Khan had transferred Munir as Gujranwala Corpse Commander and had appointed his close associate Faiz Hamid as the ISI Chief.

No change would take place in the relation of India with Pakistan because Munir was becoming the Army Chief. On the contrary it might get worst; because he was involved in the attack in Pulwama on 14th February 2019. In this terrorist attack 40 CRPF soldiers had attained martyrdom.

Editorial viewpoint

Pakistan’s strategy is, the more anti-Indian officer, higher the position is allotted to him.  So now Indians also expect that, India should destroy Pakistan completely to get rid of its headache for ever.

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