PFI was getting funds from the Gulf countries !

  • Information from the chargesheet on the Jihadi members of PFI
  • PFI had an organised structure for mobilising funds

New Delhi – The Popular Front of India, banned recently by the Govt for alleged terrorist links has a “well-structured and organised” presence in the Gulf countries for raising and mobilising funds, informed the ED in its chargesheet given at the Patiala House Court. PFI has established organisations in the Gulf countries for arranging finances from there, which is also mentioned in the chargesheet.

1. The PFI has created a network of people and organisations both within and outside the country to carry out its anti-national activity. The money received from here is deposited in PFI’s banks as donations. Later this money is used for these activities.

2. The chargesheet has been filed against Pervez Ahmed, Mohammad Ilias, and Abdul Muqueet. Ahmed is the President of the Delhi unit and is in charge of the fund collection. He also looks after the public relation work of the organisation. Mohammad Ilias was Delhi’s Chief Secretary and worked for the area’s fund collection. He also fought elections for the Delhi legislative council as the candidate of PFI’s political wing The Social Democratic Party of India. Abdul Muqueet was the secretary of the Delhi office and made forged receipts for the donations.

Editorial viewpoint

Please note that the Islamic Gulf countries supply the Indian Jihadi organisations with funds for doing anti-Hindu Jihadi activities in India ! It is necessary that now India takes harsh steps against such countries !