Would open a hospital only in Muslim-dominated area if elected and not in Hindu pre-dominant area !

  • Video by Congress MLA Indrajit Parmar made viral
  • Parmar claims video made in 2017
  • Refutes charges of religious discrimination !
Congress MLA Indrajit Parmar

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Few Muslims and women have spread rumours that I am not with them, but you are like my parents and Allah for me. If the hospital proposed to be opened is built in that area (where Hindus are the majority population), it would be of not much use because they (Hindus) go to private hospitals. Only Muslims go to Government hospitals. (Parmar is revealing the truth about Muslims making maximum use of all Government schemes and, getting maximum benefits from them. Will Hindus realise it ? – Editor)

Muslims have voted for me. I could become MLA only because of you. I promise you that I will not let the hospital come up in their (Hindu-dominated) area, stated Congress MLA Indrajit Parmar in a video made viral on social media.

BJP’s General Secretary Pradipsinh Vaghela shared this video on social media. Presently, Parmar is the Congress candidate for the forthcoming State Assembly elections. Parmar has clarified in the video that the video is old, made in 2017 and the allegations against him of religious discrimination were wrong.

Editorial viewpoints

  • The video be made in any year, but Parmar is appeasing Muslims for votes, and talking with bias against Hindus is quite clear !     
  • Look at the Congress’ Hindu MLAs working for Muslims for getting votes and other Hindu MLAs getting votes from Hindus as Hindus but not doing anything for Hindus !

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