Yunus murdered Vikas Giri and chopped his body into 80 pieces 

Confessed that he killed Vikas for loving his sister

(Right side) Vikas Giri

Rewa (Madhya Pradesh) – Vikas Giri was killed by his associate contractor and business partner. The murderer is identified as Yunus Ansari, he didn’t just kill Vikas but cut his dead body into 80 pieces and disposed off them in the nearby Dudhmuniya forest. The Police recovered 80 pieces of the victim`s body from the forest.

1. Vikas suddenly went missing on 3rd October 2021 last year. His father had lodged a missing complaint. However, despite many searches, nothing was found. One day, human remains were found and near that, Vikas Giri`s Aadhaar Card was found in the Dudhmuniya forest and the case was reopened.

2. After Vikas`s Aadhar card and the human remains were found, Vikas`s father then lodged a complaint with the Police that his son has been killed.

3. Police arrested Yunus after 9 months on 14th November. Investigation revealed that Yunus committed this crime with assistance from his brother-in-law Sartaj Mohammad.

4. The accused Yunus Ansari said he and Vikas Giri used to take contracts for plantation. Due to business interests, Vikas frequented Yunus`s home. Vikas reportedly had a love affair with one of Yunus`s sisters.

5. On 3rd October 2021 when Yunus and his brother-in-law returned home, they saw Vikas with Yunus`s sister. They hit Vikas with a rod and killed him. After the murder, they cut his body into 80 pieces and disposed off them in the forest.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Religious fanatics have crossed the limits of cruelty.
  • What would the people who call it love, when Muslim youth lure Hindu girls into a love trap and criticise those who oppose love jihad, have to say about this incident ?     
  • The culprit who murdered a Hindu with such brutality should be given capital punishment.