Only Muslims and Congress can save India !

  • Video by Chandan Thakor, a Congress candidate in Gujarat
  • Congress claims deliberate changes in the 3-year-old video by the opposition party while making it viral
Congress candidate Chandan Thakor

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – We voted for them (BJP) expecting something new from them, but they cheated the people of this State. Cheating one person was ok but they have pushed the whole country into a pit. Now, Muslims and Congress can only save this country, says Chandan Thakor, a Congress candidate from the Sidhapur constituency in a video that has been made viral. BJP has, therefore, criticised Thakor. Congress has given an explanation for the same.

1. Chandan Thakor says further in this video that there are many parties in this country that talk about Muslims, but other than Congress, no party works for Muslims. It should, therefore, be noted that only Congress can protect Muslims. BJP tried to harass Muslims in every way. BJP abolished ‘triple talaq’, and stopped subsidies for the Haj pilgrimage, and subsidies to Muslim students. (Hindus need to note that Thakor is clarifying that Congress is not with Hindus ! Please keep in mind that Congress is another Muslim League !  – Editor)

(Credit : Republic World)

2. Congress has clarified that the video was 3-years-old. Thakor was speaking in a rally at Sidhpur about unity among Hindus and Muslims for the development of this country, but that part has been removed from the video.

3. BJP’s State Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel said about this video in his tweet that due to fear of its defeat in the elections, Congress is resorting to the politics of minority appeasement. Congress should, however, know that nobody can save it from defeat.

Editorial viewpoints

  • The then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh of Congress had stated that Muslims had the first right to India’s wealth. The statement of the Congress candidate is its second part !
  • Congress has had such a mentality since the rise of Mohandas Gandhi; therefore, despite the partition of this country and giving Pakistan to Muslims, Congress continued its efforts to donate even the remaining India to Muslims. Congress has not yet changed its mentality, even though Hindus ousted it from power for the same reasons. It shows that its end is near !

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