Hindu girl thrown off the terrace of a building for refusing to accept Islam !

‘Love Jihad’ in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) !

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) – In the Dubagga locality here in Lucknow, a Muslim youth Sufiyan threw a young Hindu girl Nidhi Gupta (19 years) from the terrace of a four-floor building. The girl died. He did this as she refused to accept Islam. They were neighbours.

According to the information given by the Police, Sufiyan had trapped Nidhi in his web of love. He was pressurising her into accepting Islam. He had given Nidhi a mobile phone. On getting to know this Nidhi’s family went to Sufiyan’s house to inquire, which led to a fight. During this Nidhi, went up to the terrace. Sufiyan followed her to the terrace. He threw her off the building. Thereafter, Sufiyan and his family ran away. The Police have registered a case against Sufiyan and his family. Pro-Hindu organisations are expressing their outrage at this incident.

Nidhi’s mother said that Sufiyan used to fight with us and threaten to kill us. The two families had fought about this earlier too. And those incidents were reported to the Police. The Police mediated and came to a settlement. No action was taken by them against Sufiyan. (Action should be taken against the Police who did not take action against Sufiyan at that time – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

Seeing the increase of incidents of ‘Love Jihad’ in the Country, the Hindus feel that the Central Government should immediately take steps to protect Hindu women !

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